Behavioral Finance for Women

We welcome you to join us at Trouvaille for our event Behavioral Finance for Women.

Women are the decision makers when they own their own business and are often decision makers regarding household finances. However, women are not often a focus demographic for many advisors, partially due to the overall lack of diversity in the industry.

We are pleased to have two female Financial Advisors and members of Trouvaille Omaha as speakers at this event: Kath Derisson and Shelby Corbaley.

Kath and Shelby have quite different backgrounds, but both have a passion for empowering those women making important and sometimes life changing financial decisions. They strive to provide women with the knowledge they need to feel confident and give trust to an advisor. This talk will take a deeper dive into the emotions that often drive the decision-making process as well as provide some useful information to inspire financial confidence.

Kim Marchese

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