Your guide to online casinos in British Columbia in 2023

The province is home to some of the greatest gaming in Canada, in addition to its woods and mountains. Also in British Columbia, Canadian gamers may now enjoy some of the best online gambling options.

Any Canadian over the age of 19 is permitted to bet in British Columbia, whether in a physical or online casino. The best part is that gambling gains are tax-free.

There are seventeen land-based casinos in British Columbia that provide real money roulette, slots, and blackjack, but what about internet casinos? British Columbians from Vancouver to Richmond may also play their preferred games online. In 2023, there will be an increase in the number of exceptional British Columbia casinos. Online casino games at Jackpot City Casino are more accessible to gamers in the province than ever before, as a result of top sites such as our team’s top suggestion.

BC players will appreciate:

Leading sports betting operations

Full-featured games to play Extensive selection of casinos to pick from Quick and simple registration procedure

Local casinos offering internet services as well as prompt cashout and deposit times

Enjoying internet gaming in BC


BC players are spoiled for choice, with 17 land-based casinos and hundreds of internet venues.

As with other jurisdictions, British Columbia has adopted its own gambling laws to counteract foreign sites.

Under the supervision of the British Columbia Lottery Commission (BCLC), British Columbia now has its own online casino. Online casinos in British Columbia provide lottery, poker, bingo, and casino games to residents of Canada.

You can play with and against both fellow British Columbians and Quebec gamers (another province with its own individual gaming options).

What makes a BC online casino the best?

With the state-run internet casino, British Columbia has some nice gambling options, although you may find the selection somewhat limited. However, there are actually dozens and hundreds of reputable online casinos available, so simply choose one. In 2023, British Columbia online poker gamers from Surrey to Burnaby are spoiled for options.

An online casino that British Columbia players may enjoy to the fullest should provide a broad variety of games with stakes to suit all budgets, as well as the deposit methods you choose. Some of the greatest online casinos take Canadian dollars immediately, so you can avoid unpleasant exchange rate complications with your actual money.

Moreover, everyone wants their earnings quickly, which is why offers the quickest cashouts in all of Canada. There’s no need to hang about for your roulette wins. Just utilize our dependable accommodations and skip the waiting game entirely.

cellular casinos in British Columbia

There is something unique about mobile gaming that makes online gambling feel incredibly effortless. You may quickly get the games you choose from any location with a reliable Internet connection. That means you may play at a coffee shop, at a friend’s house, or anyplace else in British Columbia as long as you have a tablet and a smartphone.

Mobile casinos in British Columbia may be accessed via applications or mobile web browsers on the majority of smartphones and tablets. Your options may vary depending on the device you use and where you play, but both applications and browsers have their advantages. With applications, you can connect more quickly and conveniently; with the browser, you can maintain a clean device.

iPhone – If you possess an iPhone in British Columbia, you may play at the majority of mobile casinos using applications or a web browser.

iPad – An iPad is one of the greatest online gambling gadgets and will operate with most applications and smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy – The Samsung Galaxy is compatible with the vast majority of British Columbia online casinos with mobile compatibility, and you can anticipate to utilize applications or a mobile browser the majority of the time.

Fire tablet – The Fire Tablet is more difficult to use with applications, but is compatible with the vast majority of mobile browser casinos.

Find a leading casino site in British Columbia in 2023.

Early settlers in B.C. were good trackers, and it is likely that they would have been adept at locating the best online casinos and bonuses. British Columbia gamers have access to some of the top websites on the Internet. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you, so it won’t take you long to discover the ideal website.

Our Canadian team of gambling specialists has evaluated every online gaming option in the province to guarantee that you are playing at the best online casino. We’re really thrilled about the online casino environment in British Columbia in 2023, as we’ve witnessed some wonderful improvements in casino software, including the creation of mobile and smartphone apps for players.

Check out our suggested sites for the greatest venues to play roulette, slot machines, and craps. After making your selection, register with an exclusive bonus code for the chance to win hundreds of Canadian dollars in real money games.

Low deposit casinos in British Columbia allow you to begin online gambling with as little as a $1 investment. Our suggested casinos provide novice players with a vast selection of online casino games and incentives, including free spins and matching deposits. In our recommendations to casinos that need a minimum deposit, we compare the top sites:

British Columbia facts of interest

The province of British Columbia boasts the nation’s longest frost-free seasons.

A quarter of all grizzly bears in North America are located in British Columbia.

3 Matt Jarvis, a successful poker player, comes from Surrey, British Columbia.

Providing the best live casino experiences

In addition to having some of Canada’s finest live gaming locations, British Columbia also has some of the top Internet gambling sites. Whether it’s the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond or the Lake City network throughout the province, Canadians are never without a location to satisfy their gambling needs.

Over the years, British Columbia has produced a number of world-class poker players, including a number of Canadians who have won WSOP and WPT titles.

It’s important to note that the minimum age to bet in British Columbia is 19. This is slightly different from the 18-year-old minimum age in other Canadian provinces.

The most prestigious casinos in British Columbia

Brightest Casino

The Starlight offers a 105,000-square-foot casino with over 1,000 slot machines, 45 gaming tables, and eight poker tables. Visitors must be at least 19 years of age to enter.

350 Gifford St., New Westminster, BC (604) 777-2946

The casino is open around-the-clock, seven days per week.

Vancouver’s Starlight Casino and Hard Rock Casino

This casino offers approximately 100,000 square feet of gaming space, with over 1,000 slot machines, 50 table games, live off-track betting, and three poker rooms. You must be at least 19 years old to enter.

Coquitlam, British Columbia 2080 United Boulevard (604) 523-6888

The casino is open around-the-clock, seven days per week.

Hard Rock Casino Grand Villa Casino

Grand Villa Casino features 40,000 square feet of gaming space with more than 1100 slot machines and 48 table games. Dedicated poker area and VIP room with large stakes. The minimum age to visit the Grand Villa Casino is 19.

(604) 436-2211, 4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby, British Columbia

The casino is open around-the-clock, seven days per week.


Which casino in British Columbia is the largest?

The River Rock Casino Resort is the largest (in size) casino. In addition to its more than 70,000 square feet of gaming area, which includes more than 1,000 slot machines and more than 100 table games, River Rock Casino Resort features 396 accommodations and a 144-berth marina.

What gambling choices are accessible to British Columbia residents and visitors?

British Columbians and tourists have access to a variety of gambling options. Lotteries, slot machines, electronic gaming machines, casino table games, horse racing, and sanctioned events such as 50/50 drawings are available to players.

How many gambling establishments are there in British Columbia?

If you want to wager on the river or engage in a fight with a one-armed bandit, you may choose from 17 casinos that provide a variety of gaming possibilities.

Are there unique rewards programs offered at casinos in British Columbia?

Definitely. All British Columbia casinos participate in the Encore Rewards program, which rewards loyal players. This program may be registered for on the official website of the BC Lottery Commission. Different membership levels are available. At each level, the player will earn points redeemable for free play.

What are my casino earnings’ tax implications in British Columbia?

Good news! Your gains in our casino are tax-free.

What is the minimum age for legal gambling in British Columbia?

In the province, you must be 19 years old to enter the gaming portions of a casino.

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